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  • FDI Guidelines  
    The FDI Guidelines for Construction Services was approved by Board during 76th Board Meeting on 30/12/2021 which shall c... Read More   
  • Registration link for Refresher Course  
    The Construction Development Board in pursuit of enhancing professionalism in Construction Industry will be conducting a... Read More
  • Press release: Top 10 Performing Contractors  
    Press release: List of Top 10 Performing Contractor To recognize the performing Contractors in the Construction Indus... Read More
  • List of TOP 10 PERFORMING Contractors: Jan - March 2022  
    The CDB Secretariat is pleased to publish the list of top 10 contractors for the first quarter of 2022 [January-Mar... Read More

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  • Registration for unemployed graduate engineers (civil & electrical) for the training.
    The Construction Development Board (CDB) notifies all unemployed graduate engineers (civil & electrical) to register for...... Read More
  • Suspension of Vacancy post for Chief Engineer till further notice.
    As notified vide Notification no. RCSC/LD-63/2022/4044 dated April 27, 2022, that all the recruitment, lateral transfer...... Read More
  • Cancellation of CDB Registration Certificate whose registration has expired as of March 2021
    This is to notify that the construction firms registered with Construction Development Board whose validity of...... Read More
  • List of contractors to attend additional refresher courses scheduled from 25.4.2022-4.5.2022 divided
    List of contractors to attend additional refresher courses scheduled from 25.4.2022-4.5.2022 divided into thre...... Read More

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  • Vacancy Announcement
    The Construction Development Board is pleased to announce the following vacancy for an inservice candidates as detailed ... Read More
    This pertains to the Notice Inviting tender issued dated 18th February 2022 published in CDB website and Kuensel newspap... Read More
    Construction Development Board, Thimphu is pleased to invite sealed quotation from eligibleBhutanese consultancy firms t... Read More
    The Construction Development Board (CDB), Thimphu is pleased to invite sealed quotations from interested and established... Read More

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  • Renovation and remodeling of ROEA Building (Three storied) at Changzamtog, Thimphu... View Details

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