Construction Development Board

Specialized Trade Registration Click here to apply for the service

Based on the decision of the 51st Meeting of the Construction Development Board, a new Class for Specialty Works has been introduced - as a step towards promoting an orderly growth of professionals and encourage localization of manpower in the construction industry. Specialty construction works/contractors are considered as those requiring special skill and whose principle business involves the use of specialized trades or crafts. Amongst the numerous trades/crafts that prevail in the construction industry, the Board has decided to start with five specific trades, as listed below, in collaboration with Construction Service Centre (CSC), Ministry of Labour & Human Resources (MoLHR).

  1. Masonry

  2. Plumbing

  3. Electrical House Wiring

  4. Construction Carpentry

  5. Welding & Fabrication

Therefore, all aspiring professionals (individuals/groups) who have the skills and are duly certified by the CSC, MoLHR and most importantly have the interest to join the construction industry may apply online applications to the Construction Development Board Secretariat for further review and issuance of CDB Registration Certificate.

The validity of the registration certificate will be for 3 years and the registration fee is not applicable for first time applicant. However, the first renewal fee is Nu. 1000/- and Nu. 500/- thereafter.