Construction Development Board

List of Architects

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Sl# AR. No. Architect Type Name CID/Work Permit No. Country Dzongkhag Email
1 BA-001(G) Goverment Karma Dhendup 11102003669 Bhutan karma1975@kgumsb.edubt
2 BA-002(G) Goverment Tashi Penjor 11410000203 Bhutan Thimphu tashipenjor@mowhs.gov.bt
3 BA-003(G) Goverment Chencho 10807001255 Bhutan Paro chenchotenzin5@gmail.com
4 BA-003(P) Private Pema Tshering D 11504002102 Bhutan Trashigang pema.tsheringd@gmail.com
5 BA-004(G) Goverment Thinlay Jurmin 11803002021 Bhutan Tsirang thnlyjr@gmail.com
6 BA-004(P) Private Norbu Gyeltshen 11509001172 Bhutan Trashigang norbugyeltshen071@gmail.com
7 BA-005(P) Private Peter Schmid 10102003519 Bhutan Bumthang peter_bhutan@hotmail.com
8 BA-006(P) Private Chet Nath Sharma 11310000031 Bhutan Dagana chetn1212@gmail.com
9 BA-007(P) Private Namgey Retty 11002001132 Bhutan Thimphu yalamayalama@yahoo.co.uk
10 BA-008(G) Goverment Gonpo Yonten 11606003126 Bhutan Trashiyangtse gonpoyonten@gmail.com
11 BA-009(P) Private Ngawang Gyaltshen 11504003259 Bhutan Trashigang basic.pendrive@gmail.com
12 BA-010(P) Private Sonam Gayleg 11301001634 Bhutan Sarpang sonamgayleg@gmail.com
13 BA-011(G) Goverment Tshering Choden 11607001788 Bhutan Trashiyangtse ringden@hotmail.com
14 BA-012(P) Private Sonam Tshering 10811000768 Bhutan Paro ucsonam@gmail.com
15 BA-013(P) Private Ugyen Dorji 10811002276 Bhutan Paro udorji@live.com
16 BA-014(P) Private Karma Gelay 11410003954 Bhutan Thimphu drukheritage@gmail.com
17 BA-015(P) Private Rebecca Gurung 11005000535 Bhutan Samtse rgribi115@gmail.com
18 BA-016(P) Private Phanindra Khanal 11806002399 Bhutan Tsirang khanal_phanindra@yahoo.com
19 BA-017(P) Private Pem Gyaltsen 11410001553 Bhutan Thimphu pemjason@gmail.com
20 BA-018(P) Private Kamala Thapa 11211000152 Bhutan Samtse kamalathapa@gmail.com