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It has long been observed that most Architectural Designs in Bhutan are prepared by individuals who are not qualified and certified by the competent Authority. In most cases the identity of the Architect is also not recorded. This has led to general decline in quality and sense of responsibility of the designers.

To encourage professionalism and to protect the interests of the Client, the CDB shall register all the Architects who wish to provide professional services in Bhutan.

All professionally qualified Architects (Bachelor of Architecture or Master of Architecture) who wish to have the privilege of signing/approving Architectural Designs are requested to register immediately with the CDB. Signatures of non-registered Architects shall not be recognized by any of the City/Municipal, Dzongkhag or other Authorities for the purpose of issuing building permits.

Additionally, Architects in the private Sector who have registered, and wish to compete for Government or Corporate Contracts are required to register with CDB immediately. Non-Bhutanese Firms operating/desire to operate in Bhutan shall also be required to register upon production of valid permit issued by Immigration & Census Office.

CDB strongly feels that the promotion of Architects is beneficial to a healthy and effective construction Industry. As such, it encourages the registration of Architects so as to facilitate their use by procuring agencies and other clients.

All Ministries, Department and Dzongkhag Administrations and their procuring agencies shall use only the individual Architects who are registered with CDB.


An Architect who wishes to be registered with CDB shall apply online (e-Zotin). The Board shall register all the Architects in the country and issue separate architect registration certificate for Government and Private archites.  

Registration Fees

An Architect who wishes to register with CDB has to pay a nominal fee of Nu. 2000.00 for new registration. The registration certificate shall be valid for a period of two year for the private Architect and five years for the Government Architect. Registration Certificate can be re-validate upon payment of Nu. 1000.00 as a re-validation fee.

Grace period of one month from the expiry date shall be permitted to re-validate the registration certificate.

All Architects are strongly encouraged to register with the CDB.

Certificate of Registration

An Architect shall apply for renewal of his Certificate of Registration within a grace period of 30 days from the expiry date, failing which Nu. 100.00/day shall be imposed as penalty upto with a maximum of Nu.3000.00 .

Monitoring of the Registered Architect’s Performance

The CDB shall update the history of the registered Architects from time to time upon received of information from the Consulting Firms/Procuring Agencies as they will be delivering the services to them only.. The procuring Agencies shall monitor the performance and capability of the Architect upon completion of the awarded works. Architects are expected to maintain high professional ethics and perform their services to the best of their ability with sound professional judgment. Those with poor performance history may be refused for re-validation.

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