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The 68th Board Meeting of the Construction Development Board (CDB) convened on 4th April 2018, in recognition of enhancing professionalism in the construction industry and the requirement to streamline human resource compliance in construction firms and projects, directed for registration of construction professionals working in the government, corporations and the private sector, including non-Bhutanese and freelance construction professionals with the Construction Development Board.

Effective from July 2020, all employees of construction and consultancy firms involved in implementation of construction work are required to be a registered Construction Professional with the CDB.

To support the process for registration, and in accordance to Clause of Chapter 2- Registration and Qualification of Bidders of the Procurement Rules and Regulations 2019, the following guidelines are endorsed for implementation.

Thus, named Guidelines for the Registration of Construction Professionals, it will serve as guidelines for the due process to be followed during registration of construction professionals and thereafter for compliance for committed minimum human resource for firms and projects. 

Empowering Clause

  1. Section of Procurement Rules and Regulations 2019 mandates CDB to formally register construction professionals and maintain a list in the website of CDB.
  2. Section 2.3.15 of Procurement Rules and Regulations 2019 mandates CDB to set out procedure for admission to list of construction professionals in compliance to CDB Manual.


The objective of this guidelines are follows:

  1. Enhance professionalism in construction industry;
  2. Heighten Transparency, accountability and sense of ownership;
  3. Inculcate effective project management process;
  4. Refine safety and quality culture;
  5. Deliver engineered resilience infrastructure; and
  6. Maintain construction professional data repository.


Any construction professional who works or wishes to work in construction and consultancy firms shall register with CDB after attending a training as deemed necessary by CDB.

Criteria for Registration

a) The following construction professionals (but not limited to) shall be registered by CDB:

i. Engineer under following categories:

  • Civil;
  • Architectural;
  • Electrical;
  • Mechanical;
  • Survey;
  • Geotechnical; and
  • Hydrological.

ii. Other construction professionals under following categories:

  • Managerial;
  • Accountancy; and
  • Site Supervision.

b) All construction professionals mentioned in clause 3 of this guideline who fulfills the following requirements is eligible to be registered with CDB:

  1. A copy of academic qualification/certification from accreditation bodies for certificate and above;
  2. Citizen Identity Card for Bhutanese citizens;
  3. Work permit issued by Department of Immigration, Ministry of Home and Culture Affairs for non-Bhutanese wishing to work in Bhutan; and
  4. Undertaking letter with legal stamp (as per sample uploaded in website) to be signed at the CDB Office in presence of CDB official.

Terms of Registration

  1. CDB Registration certificate is the property of the board and is neither transferable nor to be held or stored by other individuals that is otherwise named in the certificate.
  2. CDB Registration certificate holder is responsible for complying with the CDB Manual, relevant Guidelines issued from time to time by CDB and any other relevant laws during the validity period.
  3. Construction professionals shall comply with the instructions, circulars and notifications issued by CDB from time to time vide conventional means of printing or electronic means.
  4. Without compromising the individual rights and the prevailing laws, CDB reserves the right to use and disclose such information in any form of publication for the use and benefit of the construction industry.
  5. Construction professionals shall be issued a CDB Registration Certificate with a validity period as stated on the Certificate.
  6. Construction professionals shall renew the CBD Registration Certificate before the expiry date. Application for renewal can be made within 30 days from the expiry date.
  7. Construction professionals provided with CDB registration number shall be eligible to be used in the evaluation or for registration with construction/consultancy firms.
  8. Construction professionals shall report immediately to CDB if his/her Certificate is engaged in firm with whom he/she is not working.
  9. Construction professionals shall abide by Code of Conduct and Ethics developed by Engineering Council of Bhutan and other competent institutions.
  10. Construction professionals shall abide by the OHS Rules and regulations published by Department of Labour, MoLHR.
  11. Construction professionals shall update the correct information in CDB system.

Registration application and Fees

a. All applications for construction professional registration shall be made as prescribed in the Appendix 2.

b. Registration fees shall be levied after approval of applications. The registration fee is to be paid within 30 days from the date of approval of applications.

c. The fees for the construction professional is as follows:

  1. Registration fees         : Nu. 2000/-
  2. Renewal fee                : Nu. 1000/-

d. A late fee of Nu. 100/- per day will be levied after a grace period of 30 days from the expiry date of registration certificate upto a maximum of Nu. 3000/-.

Registration validity

The validity period of the construction professional registration certificate is two years from the date of registration or renewal of the registration certificate.


  1. The applicant is required to submit a renewal application within 30 days of expiry of registration.
  2. An application for registration of foreign construction professionals will only be considered after his/her work permit is approved.

Registration process and services

a. The applicant shall be notified of the verification and approval of his/her application via e-mail and SMS the amount to be paid.

b. The applicant registration comes into effect from the date of receipt of the payment receipt issued by CDB.

c. After approval, the applicant shall receive a user credential via email to log in to the CDB registration system.

d. The applicant shall be able to print CDB registration certificate generated by the registration system after logging in to the system.

e. The applicant shall apply online for other services as follows:

  1. Renewal;
  2. Upgrade Qualification;
  3. Print CDB certificate;
  4. View individual’s engagement in Firms and Project as per CDB database;
  5. Print online Curriculum Vitae generated by CDB database; and
  6. Change individual’s bio-data and contact details.

Administrative sanction

  1. The registrants shall be reprimanded and issued Improvement Notice for first instance breach of any provision of this Guideline.
  2. The registrants shall be levied a penalty of Nu. 3000 for the second instance breach of any provision of this Guideline.
  3. The registrants shall be deregistered from human resource list of construction firm or consultancy firm for the repeated breach of any provision of this Guideline.
  4. The registrants shall be sanctioned based on the Code of Conduct & Ethics developed by the Engineer Council of Bhutan and other competent institutions for any ethical issues.


The following definitions should be noted and be guided by applicants for registration of construction professional;

  1. CDB Registration Certificate: the construction professional registration certificate issued by the CDB in accordance with the provisions of PRR 2019 and the conditions of registration for the purpose of employing in construction/consultant firms.
  2. Construction professional: an individual who wish to register with CDB as engineer under Civil, Architectural, Electrical, Mechanical, Survey, Geotechnical and Hydrological categories or as other construction professionals under categories of Managerial, Accountancy or Site-Supervision.
  3. Contractor: an individual or a legal entity entering into a contract to execute works, supplies or services.
  4. Consultant: an individual or a legal entity entering into a contract to provide consultancy services.
  5. Non-Bhutanese: an individual who does not hold a Bhutanese National identity card.
  6. Work Permit: a permission to work in Bhutan issued by the Department of Immigration, Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs Bhutan.