Construction Development Board

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Only contractors who are registered with the CDB can bid for government construction works. Registering with the CDB is a form of prequalification. It saves time since contractors do not need to prove their qualifications for every project. As such, construction projects can be awarded faster and easier.

Registering with the CDB also lets us know who you are. We can then keep you informed of changes to government procedures and regulations.

Contractors should register with the CDB prior to obtaining their trade license from MoEA. The first step towards registering with the CDB is to attend a 2-day Basic Induction Course (Mandatory) conducted by CST/JNEC. Then the applicant can apply online (www.cdb.gov.bt)
You will need detailed information about human resources and equipments. You will need to be able to provide specific information on your personnel and prove ownership of your equipments. Documents to be provided are CID copy, academic certificates and Undertaking letter of the key personnel, copies of Blue book and insurance for equipments registered with the RSTA and a verification letter from a government engineer equal to or above the rank of an assistant engineer for those equipments not registered with the RSTA. Bills/invoices for equipments passed by the Revenue and Customs (sealed and signed) will also be accepted.
It depends. If you are just starting, and have no construction experience, the CDB recommends that you begin as a SMALL class contractor. This will allow you to bid for small jobs and gain experience before tackling larger projects. As a small contractor, you can choose almost any category of work. However, you will need to purchase equipment for the category that you apply for. If you or your engineer have significant experience in a specific sector, you should probably apply for the category of work that best fits that sector. A reason that we have introduced multiple categories of work is to promote specialisation. As a contractor becomes a specialist in a particular sector, the new regulations will also help them win new projects by reducing the eligible competition. CDB allows direct entry into LARGE & MEDIUM class provided if the applicant meets the minimum HR and equipments.
Yes. However, please note that you must meet the requirements for each category: Specifically, you will have to fulfil the requirement of equipments and human resources for that particular category. Also, note that registration fees are calculated per category-- the more categories requested, the higher the overall fees will be.
CDB registration certificate is valid for two years and has to be re-validated every two years. Re-registration with the CDB is necessary for many reasons. From the contractor's side, re-registration provides an opportunity to apply for more categories and higher classifications. Although a contractor can apply for these at any time, re-registration once in two years will allow the contractor a specific time period to take stock of their past and present work and review future strategies. From the CDB's side, re-registration of contractors helps to separate the active contractors from the non-active ones. It also insures that the CDB maintain up-to-date information on each contractor including their capacity. This information will help the CDB to monitor the development of contractors and to decide necessary changes to its registration system.From the CDB's side, re-registration of contractors helps to separate the active contractors from the non-active ones. It also insures that the CDB maintain up-to-date information on each contractor's, including their capacity. This information will help the CDB to monitor the development of contractors and to decide necessary changes to its registration system.

The CDB wants to make sure that your firm has the necessary personnel to undertake construction projects. As your firm grows and hires more people, it will have the capacity to perform larger works. If one of these people resigns or is released from your firm, you will need to immediately replace them. Make sure to maintain detailed records of change of each of these personnel so that you can explain the changes to the CDB if necessary.
The CDB understands that many key personnel can be hired on an as-needed basis. However the contractor needs to fulfil the minimum required personnel for a particular class and have to be a permanent employee. It is mandatory for all the contractors to maintain detailed records of all personnel with properly maintained payrolls with necessary deductions (TDS and PF) that clearly show the name of you or your firm and the name and position of the personnel.
The CDB considers it important that each contractor own a minimum numbers of equipment for two basic reasons: 1) it insures that a contractor has the equipment necessary to successfully execute construction projects; and 2) it encourages contractors to make an investment in their chosen profession. After making an investment, contractors will be obliged to take their construction business seriously and will be eager to be successful in their endeavours. The CDB understands that many contractors do not want to invest in equipment when there are no assurances of future work. As such, contractors are encouraged to start as SMALL class contractors, which have no equipment requirements
The contractors have to fulfill the minimum equipment requirement for each category applied for and those equipments should be owned by the Individual/firm or the company.
All applicants must prove that the equipment listed on their application form is owned by the individual/firm or company applying for registration. Equipments owned by family members or employees are not acceptable. To prove ownership, a contractor should provide a photocopy of the equipment's bluebook and insurance copy for any item that is licensed by the RSTA. For equipments not licensed (vibrators, concrete mixers, etc.), a contractor should provide bills/invoices duly passed by the Department of Revenue and Customs or equipment verification letter from any Government Engineer equal to or above the rank of an assistant engineer, confirming ownership of the items.
The CDB does not accept substitute equipments/items and firms are required to provide evidences of all those mandatory equipments for registration/re-registration.
The CDB strongly encourages contractors to gain experience before tackling larger projects. However direct entry to 'LARGE' or 'MEDIUM' classes are allowed provided the Human resources and equipments requirements are fulfilled. For new applicants only, the CDB will consider the track record or experience of its key personnel. If a firm has a qualified diploma or graduate engineer, and has acquired the necessary equipment and meets all other requirements, then they can apply for direct entry into the higher classifications. However, such applications will be closely scrutinised for compliance.
No. An individual can register as an owner of only one construction firm but can be a shareholder with another company. An individual can also simultaneously hold a construction and a consultancy licence.
The registration form is found difficult as CDB requires supporting documentation of all claims. If a contractor has maintained good records, they will not find the application process too burdensome. Therefore, all contractors are strongly encouraged to maintain adequate records to support their claims. We feel that once all contractors understand the documentation requirements of the CDB, and start maintaining these documents, that the registration process will become very easy.