Construction Development Board

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"As overseer as well as a promoter of the construction industry one of the key functions of the Construction Development Board (CDB) is the registration, classification and monitoring of contractors, consultants and engineers/architects. CDB acts as a bridge between the private and public sectors; assists contractors in undertaking a more expansive part in the industry and ensure genuine contractors fair and equal access to the award of contracts as well as fair treatment in the execution of contracts. CDB, under the umbrella of Ministry of Works & Human Settlement, has also the responsibility to play the role of a coordinator, enabler and facilitator, address the pertinent issues and problems faced by the industry and create an atmosphere for a more vibrant development in the construction industry."


The CDB's strategy is premised within its mandate and with utmost desire to optimize the contribution of the construction industry in meeting national construction demand, in promoting technological, social and economic development objectives, industry performance and competitiveness, and realizing better value of money to the clients.

The CDB shall undertake following main, but not limited to, activities to achieve its broad objectives as enumerated under section 1.5 of Chapter I of this manual. In particular, the following broad functions shall be undertaken:

  1. Provide "industry support" by assisting the private sector within the construction industry to develop and expand its market and to implement fair competition through policy reforms to ensure economy, efficiency and transparency in the industry;

  2. Promote "technology development" by encouraging and facilitating the effective use of best practices, appropriate techniques of the construction and quality supplies and materials;

  3. Launch "awareness initiatives" to apprise both the Contractors and Implementing Agencies of Rules and Regulations, Procurement Procedures, Safety and Health standards and Current requirements and services provided by CDB; and

  4. Undertake "manpower development" by identifying necessary construction skills and assisting, where appropriate, coordinating the creation and improvement of skills training and certification programmes for the personnel involved who are active in the construction activities of the industry.