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Administrator on 01-06-2016
Dear e-tool Users & CiNET,
As you may be aware that the Hon’ble Prime Minister had soft launched the CDB portal (e-Zotin) on 10 May 2016 which consists of CDB website (www.cdb.gov.bt), e-tool, CiNET and online Registration Services. All the above services will be going LIVE from 1st June 2016. Thus, this is to inform you that the e-tool and Ci-NET will be down from 5 PM 27th May till 9 AM 1st June for data migration.
The current users can log in to the new system from 1 June 2016. However, there is a slight change in the login user name. For example, if your existing user name is “Dorji” you have to add @etool.bt or @cinet.bt after the login user name. Now, your new username will be “ dorji@etool.bt”  or "dorji@cinet.bt"and password will remain unchanged. Please use this new username from 1 June 2016 to log into the new system.Most of the focal persons were trained and made aware on enhanced system (e-tool & CiNET) in Oct-Dec 2015. Since it is a new system there will be few teething problems and we would request all focal persons to intimate us if you face any problem. You are also requested to check and confirm that all your past records were migrated to the new system correctly.

Yours Sincerely
System Admin (e-tool)

Administrator on 30-03-2017
We regret to inform your that due Power outage in MOLHR our TWAN connection for web services is disrupted  and e-tool users might face some problem while validating HR and Equipment( with RCSC and RSTA). Our web services should be up by afternoon. Please bear with us.

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