Construction Development Board


Posted on 5th September, 2016

In continuation to Notification No. : CDB/2/2015-16/452 & 453 dated 15th January 2016, it is to notify all the large and medium class Contractors that the following actions will be taken against the Firms who do not fulfil/meet the registration compliance during the time of monitoring:

1.    No office establishment                              : Suspension for a period of three months

2.    No office sign board                                    : Suspension for a period of three months

3.    Contractor who cannot be contacted             : Suspension for a period of three months

(Phone switch off/not responding/does not exist)             

4.    Deceiving on location change                        : Suspension for a period of three months

5.    Not fulfilling the HR requirements                 : Downgrade for a period of six months

(As mandated by CDB) 

No request shall be entertained for re-instatement until the completion of suspension and downgradation period 

This Notification is also in line with the terms and conditions laid down in the CDB registration Certificate.

Issued for strict compliance by all the large & medium Contruction Firms.