Construction Development Board


Posted on 9th February, 2018

The Program and Professionalism Section, Construction Development Board in pursuit of promoting a robust and vibrant construction industry will be conducting awareness training in the month of March 2018.  Besides, enhancing the professional capacity of contractors, the training will also notably facilitate in boosting development and promotion of an efficient, effective, quality based Construction Sector contributing to healthy and competitive growth. The training will be a 3-day program for Large and Medium class contractors and 2-day program for Small class contractors.

The awareness training will cover different programs mainly focused on project management aspects viz planning & scheduling, estimation and quality control, risk management. Added to these, the Officials from CDB Secretariat will present on arbitration procedure, Online Registration (E-zotin), monitoring requirements, mechanization and ToR for CDB registration.

A nominal fee of Nu.500 for small class contractor and Nu.1000 for large and medium class contractor will be collected during time of training. The CDB Secretariat therefore, would like to invite only those contractors whose CDB certificate is due for renewal on or before 10th May 2018 to attend the training. The registration for same will be open from 10:00 am, 12th February 2018 until 11:00 a.m, 19th February 2018.Application will be closed after the deadline.


1. Registration must be done online. Link to registration form will be made available on our website www.cdb.gov.bt from 10:00 am, 12th February 2018 to 11:00 a.m, 19th February 2018.

2. The participants must be either the proprietor or their employee registered with CDB.

3. Participants must submit correct requisite information as per the format at the time of registration and any incomplete information will result in rejection/cancellation of registration.

4. Any other mode of registration (application, telephonic call, email, etc) will not be accepted.

5. Only the registered candidates will be allowed to attend the course.

6. The registered participants who failed to attend training will be liable for registration fee of Nu 1000/- for large and medium and Nu 500/- for small contractors and further CDB will not provide similar training opportunity to defaulter for next one years.

7. The registered candidates are requested to call CDB Secretariat on 26th February 2018 @ 02-326034 or 02-326035 for confirmation of date and venue for training.

For further enquiries please call 02-326034 or 02-326035 during office