Construction Development Board

Status Report as of 26th July 2011

Posted on 26th July, 2011

• Number of works awarded using the new e-tool for selection of contractors;
      182 tenders uploaded
      12 tenders evaluated and awarded

• Number of contractors re-classified as LARGE, MEDIUM and SMALL;
      Large class : 76 Contractors
      Medium class : 377 Contractors
      Small : 2191 Contractors Total registered : 2644 Contractors

• Number of contractors who have incorporated as a company under the Company's Act of Bhutan;
      12 Contractors

• Number of jobs created from the use of the new point based system e.g. the e-tool requires that bidders employ skilled people
      Jobs created form the use of the New Point based System : 414
      Total no. of Employees registered with CDB as of 25th July 2011 : 1439

• Copies of news papers with headlines for achievement, if any;