Construction Development Board


Posted on 5th December, 2011

30 Nov 2011
This is information of all contractors registered with the CDB that despite repeated advice most contractors have failed to update their status of “works in hand” and ‘works completed’.  Since evaluation of bids are done online based on the information available in the CDB database, it is very imperative that contractors ensure submission of correct and timely information in terms of their resources (manpower & equipment), works in hand/ completed, amongst others, diligently.

The Secretariat therefore would like to once again urge all the contractors to sincerely declare ‘works in hand/ completed’, awarded by the Procuring Agencies including Donor Agencies and Corporations/Authorities, immediately. 

Similarly, it is also to inform that focal persons of all the Procuring Agencies (Government funded, Corporation, NGO etc) have been trained to update information of works awarded and completed either through e-tool or CiNET, simultaneously.  Despite this fact, most focal persons chose to ignore and instead continue to send hard copies thereby defeating the purpose of instituting an online evaluation system.   The CDB Secretariat would therefore like to solicit support and cooperation of all the procuring agencies/ focal persons in its effort the make the new PBS evaluation (an ABSD initiative) a success.  It may be noted that CDB shall not be held responsible if in the event contracts are awarded to non-deserving contractors as a result of discrepancies in the database or delayed entry of information by the respective focal persons.

This notification is issued for strict compliance by all concerned.

Wangdi Gyaltshen

Executive Director