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Final e-tool Training Schedule

Posted on 3rd April, 2012

Dear Sir/Madame,

The e-tool training as announced earlier is scheduled from 12th April in 4 batches, the list of the participants is attached herewith, and the participants are requested to report to the venue as per the list.

  1. e-tool   1st Batch          12-13 April 2012         Venue : CMI, Phuentsholing

  2. e-tool   2nd Batch         16-17 April 2012         Venue : CMI, Phuentsholing

  3. e-tool   3rd  Batch         18-19 April 2012         Venue : CMI, Phuentsholing

  4. e-tool   4th  Batch         tentative -28-29 April 2012    Venue : MMSS,Mongar

The TA/DA and mileage for the Government employee will be borne by CDB; therefore, all nominated participants are requested to bring the duly authorized Travel Authorization/Claims signed by Head of Organizations and Accounts officer along with vehicle registration copy if eligible as per RCSC rule.

Due to non availability of ICT labs in eastern Dzongkhags the 4th batch  training will be conducted on weekend. The venue and date could not be confirmed as of now, however we will announce on our website once it is finalized on our website. Click here for the list.

Therefore all participants listed in 4th batch are request to check our website frequently.

The list of the participants is also available on our website. For further information please contact: Mr. Bikash Pradhan. Moble # 17651834


Thanking you.

Yours Sincerely,


offtg. Executive Director

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