Construction Development Board

Meet The Contractors Forum

Posted on 22nd April, 2013

The Construction Development Board (CDB)  is organizing a “Meet the Contractors Forum “ on 17th of January  2013 at the BCCI conference hall. The objective of the forum is to make contractors cognizant of the following:


1. Potential areas of corruption.
2. Pertinent cases where corruption takes place and the remedial measures thereof.
3. Policy, regulatory and procedural issues.
4. G2C and E tool to facilitate better delivery of services.
5. Ethics and conduct of contractors
6. Training programme for contractors and site engineers and other issues for strengthening the code of conduct of the contractors.

The first half of the forum will focus on policy, regulatory and operational issues including corruption and auditing issues. The second half of the day will be spent listening to issues faced by contractors and challenging apprehensions in the field of construction. The forum would take on board the genuine issues deliberated for consideration by the government.

The Minutes of the meeting is available on the following link. (click here)