Construction Development Board

Conduct of Corruption Risk Management Workshop

Posted on 30th July, 2014

The Policy and Planning Division (PPD) of MoWHS organized a day’s Training of the Trainers (ToT) workshop on “Corruption Risk Management (CRM)” in procurement of works in general. The workshop was conducted by the Director, Construction Development Board as the resource person on 28 July, 2014. CRM in procurement of works was conducted as a proactive measure by the ministry in keeping with the mandatory objectives of the Performance Agreements. This was decided in the 10th Policy and Planning Coordination Meeting held on 2 July, 2014. While 33 officials had initially confirmed their participation, only 23 participants from various departments and divisions attended the workshop. 

The CRM in “procurement of works” is expected to contribute in further strengthening the existing system and was taken up as procurement of works was an activity that is common to many sectors in the ministry. The second objective of the workshop was to train and equip the participants on the CRM process so as to be able to use the tool to conduct similar workshops in the departments.

Risks of favoritism and nepotism in award of tenders, manipulation of BoQs, drawing up specifications to suit a chosen firm, non-performing contractors repeatedly winning bids and mis-use of authority at site by the officials were some of the major risks that have been identified. The workshop not only identified the causes and solutions of the risks but also formulated an action plan for implementation thereof.

The workshop in general recommended the need to put in place a grievance redress mechanism to address procurement related issues, which is also in line with the De-barment Rules 2013. A second major recommendation was the need to enhance the technical capacity and provision of equipment to monitor quality of works.

While the Internal Audit Unit will provide support in monitoring and conducting subsequent CRMs, the actual monitoring of implementation of the recommendations of workshops will be taken up by PPD through the PLaMS reporting system.

The feedback from the workshop indicates that 65% of the participants “strongly agree” and 35% “agree” that CRM workshop was “useful”. 87% of the participant felt that they can conduct CRMs in their agencies after having attended this workshop.