Construction Development Board


Posted on 5th August, 2019

The Construction Development Board (CDB) has observed  that many procuring agencies are not updating the work status of completed works in the e-tool and CiNET on time. Despite numerous notification issued by CDB, desktop assessment and follow ups with the agencies many completed works are still reflecting as ongoing in the system. Such incorrect information in the system is miscalculating bidder’s bid capacity, similar work experience and work ceiling resulting in unfair bidding process.

To clear the backlogs in the system, it has become necessary to update the work status of work which are reflecting as ongoing for more than 5 years.

Therefore, all procuring agencies are requested to inform CDB if there is any issues on work awarded before 2014 latest by 31st August 2019. Respective agencies can view their list of ongoing works through e-TOOL/CiNET focal person profile. The CDB shall not be responsible  for any discrepancies arising after updating the work status by CDB. The works awarded after 2014 which are completed at the ground but still reflecting as ongoing in the system has to be updated by the concern agency

Henceforth, all the procuring agencies are requested to update the work completion status in e-Tool/CiNET system right after the payment of the final bill to the contractor. The CDB shall not be liable for any discrepancies arising through such lapses and shall  be dealt as per the Terms and Conditions of e-Zotin and any other relevant laws.

This is issued for strict compliance and support by all procuring agencies.


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