Construction Development Board

1st Annual Engineering Conference

Posted on 1st June, 2009

MoWHS/CDB-02/2003-04/973                                                                                   Dated: 21st  June 2004


In line with the resolutions of the 1st Annual Engineering Conference 1 -3 April 2004 held in Gedu,  the Ministry of Works and Human Settlement is pleased to publish the revised version of Bidding Report Forms and Contract Completion Report Form.  The Forms have been simplified based on the feedbacks received during the Conference and at the same time ensuring that its essence, among others, to obtain necessary data related to the construction industry and to monitor the performance of contractors is maintained. The need for such a reporting system is felt in order to keep track of contractors’ performance and thereby improve quality of infrastructure.


Henceforth, all the procuring agencies are required to submit the following two forms duly filled in: i) ‘Bidding Report’ after signing of agreement and ii) ‘Contract Completion Report’ (on completion of work, to the Construction Development Board Secretariat who will in turn maintain a data base for construction industry and assess the performance of contractors.  


(Kinzang Dorji)