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Bhutanese Painting Works (W2)

Posted on 1st June, 2009

MoWHS/CDB-02/tt/2005-06/                                                                                                                                                                26th August 2005


Based on the 43rd Meeting of Construction Development Board held on the 22nd August 2005 , all the procuring agencies concerned are hereby notified that the procurement of Bhutanese Painting Works (W2) has been amended as follows with immediate effect: 

Works upto Nu. 1.5 million (Allowable range of contract cost for Class D) to follow Class Petty norms. In other words, Bhutanese painting works upto estimated value of Nu. 1.5 million shall not be subject to new evaluation guidelines during the evaluation process.   

Works beyond Nu. 1.5 million shall however be subject to the new evaluation guidelines. The procuring agencies concerned shall specify the requirements as appropriate in the tender documents, such as financial capacity, experience etc. 

Bhutanese Painting Contractor shall be allowed to undertake only one contract at a time.

All agencies concerned are henceforth required to follow the above in the procurement of Bhutanese Painting (W2) contract works. 

Kinzang Dorji

Chairman, Construction Development Board

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