Construction Development Board

Induction Course

Posted on 2nd June, 2009


13 March 2009
The Construction Development Board of recent has seen a sudden influx of new applicants requesting for Class D registration to undertake construction business.   While this rather overwhelming number is a good sign for the construction industry, concerns are raised by several Procuring Agencies with regard to the poor performance of Class D contractors in terms of delivering 'quality' construction works.   Therefore, based on the decision of the 50th Meeting of CDB, all new applicants aspiring to venture into construction business are required to undergo a mandatory 'Induction Course' to be organised by the CDB periodically. The induction program, amongst others, will focus on creating awareness of new entrants of various rules and regulations that govern procurement and constructions; provisions of tender documents; CDB norms and familiarizing on basic Management and Construction techniques.  Such an induction course, while attempting to build the capacity of new contractors will also enable distinguishing casual applicants from those more serious contractors.

Therefore, this is to inform all those concerned that the CDB Secretariat shall no longer accept any application for new CDB registration in Class D without fulfilling the mandatory requirement of "Induction Course' with effect from the 20th March 2009.  Induction Course shall be conducted at appropriate locations once sufficient number of new applicants has registered their names for the Course with CDB.