Construction Development Board

Similar work experience

Posted on 17th June, 2009

30 April 2009


As per Clause 4.3 (c) of the Chapter of the Standard Bidding Document (SBD), contractors desiring to participate in government procurement are required to have "Similar work experience" in order to ensure that the most suitable contractor is given the opportunity for a contract work.  While well intended, this has limited the number of contractors participating in contract tenders and has deprived the government of benefiting from more competitive offers.  Past experience has also proven that contractors with similar work experiences have not shown better performance than contractors without such experience.

 The Construction Development Board, taking into account all relevant documents, has already placed the contractors in different classes for different categories of works.  This indicates that the contractors in the various classes/categories have the capacity to undertake contracts at levels in which they are registered.  The requirement of "Similar work experience" in evaluation of bids is therefore not useful for normal road construction works like it may be necessary in case of complex works such as bridge, or tunnelling works.

The Ministry of Finance has clarified that the work experience requirement is not mandatory for all works and may be determined by the procuring agencies which may include even other conditions if so necessary.  Therefore, in keeping with the flexibility granted by the Standard Bidding Document, the Ministry of Works and Human Settlement hereby informs all procuring agencies and contractors that "Similar work experience" will not be required for construction of roads and that the CDB registration should be used to determine eligibility of contractors for normal roads and related works.

(Nima Wangdi)
Ministry of Works & Human Settlement