Construction Development Board


Posted on 19th October, 2011

8 August 2011
This is for information of all the Government Engineers/Civil Servant & Construction Contractors that as per the recent findings of the RAA, few contractors have resorted to using the CVs of civil servants for the purpose of renewal/up-gradation of their CDB registration.  This has happened despite CDB’s consistent effort to discourage such unhealthy practice. 

The Secretariat therefore would like to reiterate, yet one more time, to all those concerned and in particular, the civil servants and contractors to take note and comply strictly the following:

“No Civil servant is allowed to work for Private firms, Contractors or Private Individuals. In case of violation of the standing instruction of the RCSC, the Civil Servants violating the rule shall be liable for administrative actions as per BCSR”.

The CDB will be left with no alternative but to take stringent actions on defaulters, in the event of submission of CVs of civil servants, for the purpose of obtaining CDB registration and forward the matter to the RCSC, RAA and the ACC for necessary action.