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Posted on 31st October, 2011

Administrative Action against contractors those convicted by the Court

CDB in its mandate to promote and enhance the construction industry is concerned by the contractor indulging in corrupt practices and at the same time receive directives from agencies like RAA, OAG and ACC for taking Administrative Actions on the convicted Construction firms.

In line with the Circular No. MoWHS/CDB-2/2010-2011/11 dated June 22, 2011, any firm committing offence and convicted under the Court, depending on the severity, CDB would be taking the following disciplinary action:

1.Firm convicted for upto six months to one year imprisonment shall be suspended for one year,

2.Firm convicted for more than one year to two years imprisonment shall be suspended for two years,

3.Firm convicted for more than two years to three years imprisonment shall be suspended for three years,

4.Firm convicted for more than 3 years imprisonment, CDB registration shall be cancelled.

5.In case of firm convicted twice by the Court, CDB registration shall be cancelled.

Hence CDB will be left with no alternative but to take stringent administrative actions against defaulting firms, in the event of being convicted by the court for any offences.

(Wangdi Gyaltshen)
Executive Director

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