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Past Performance Score for the Point Based System

Posted on 15th November, 2011

This is to inform that under the New Point Based System, one of the criteria in the evaluation is the “average performance score from previous work”. According to this parameter a contractor can score points based on their past performance of the last 5 calendar years. This above criteria is judged by following parameter:-

1. On-time completion (30%)
2. Quality of execution (70%)

The Site Engineer should assess the performance score for all the projects awarded/executed after the introduction of New Point Based System and submit the score to the respective focal person(s) for entry in CDB Data Base, against the project/contractor.

For the uniformity in calculating the Past Performance Score of the firm/contractor, the Construction Development Board has developed a guideline duly approved by the Hon’ble Lyonpo, MoWHS vide Note sheet No.Mowhs/cdb-65/tt/2011-2012/376 dated 3rd November 2011.

Therefore, all the procuring agencies are required to assess the performance score based on the guidelines attached herewith.

Executive Director

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