Construction Development Board


Posted on 30th March, 2012

Since the introduction of the New Point Based System of evaluation and “e-tool” – an online tender evaluation tool, in May 2011, records in CDB show that as of date 1214 construction contracts worth to the tune of Nu. 6.30 billion have been awarded.  Feedbacks from both procuring agencies and contractors have also been positive except for two cases where some problems were reported.  The Secretariat is making consistent efforts to improve the system to address any issues and to make the system more users friendly, as and when problems are reported.  

While the system is improved as and when necessary at the Secretariat, the overall success of the initiative depends to a great extent on the users / e-tool focal persons.  One of the two problems reported so far has been due to failure on the part of focal persons to check the database during evaluation / award of work, or delay in updating data in the e-tool system, as soon as works were awarded. 

Therefore, in view of above, this is to notify all the focal persons of the Procuring Agencies that the following be kindly noted during evaluation and awarding stages:

  • Enter correct Agency estimate and correct date/time /cost for the particular tender while uploading NIT on e-tool.
  • Check and punch correct vehicle registration number, CID Number, work permit ID no. etc. before ‘saving’ during the evaluation stage.
  • Feed in the correct (corrected) bid quoted by the bidder and also the correct amount of credit line issued by the Banks as per the norms of the ‘New Point Based System’.
  • Check work in hand status of bidders both during evaluation and awarding stages and to have a print out of copies for evidences/future records.
  • Check the work in hand status of winning bidder before pressing the ‘award’ button of e-tool to reconfirm the work/amount ceiling.  Printing a copy of the same is strongly recommended for record.
  •  Award the work on e-tool as soon as contract agreement is signed prior to issuance of work order.  Reconfirm the status of work in hand (Sl.5) simultaneously.
  • Update Completion Form on e-tool immediately upon receiving the Average Performance Score Form from the Site/ Project Engineer.


Should there be any discrepancy as a result of failure to update the information correctly and on time, the focal person of procuring agency concerned shall be held responsible. The CDB Secretariat would therefore like to solicit support and cooperation from all the focal persons in its effort the make the new PBS evaluation and e-tool (an ABSD initiative: Executive Order C-2/49 dated 12 July 2010 of the Hon’ble Prime Minister) a success. 

This notification is issued for strict compliance by all concerned.

Wangdi Gyaltshen

Executive Director