Construction Development Board

NOTIFICATION ( Hiring of equipments, Lease agreement and display of Sign board)

Posted on 4th December, 2012

This is for general information of all procuring Agencies (Works) that henceforth all new   structures/ constructions executed by Construction firms upon completion will have to display permanent sign board reflecting Name of the Construction firm, CDB registration number and project relevant dates. This initiative is expected to instill a sense of ownership and responsibility amongst the Construction firms which would contribute in improvement of quality in Construction.

 Further, all hired/leased equipments from individuals, private firms, hiring agencies and CDCL furnished during submission of tender/bid can be considered for evaluation only if the equipments identified in the lease/hire agreement are supported by specific documents, RSTA registration certificate and insurance. Hiring of equipments from outside the Country shall not be allowed in the event the equipments are available within the Country. However, if the required equipments are not available within the Country, RSTA rules and regulations shall apply.

All incorporated Construction Companies submitting equipment related documents during bidding should submit lease/hire agreement if the equipments are not registered in the name of the company.

This is issued for clarity of the evaluators and strict compliance by all concerned.

Director General
December 3,2012.