Construction Development Board

NOTIFICATION (use of certificate/CV of engineers by contractors)

Posted on 29th May, 2013

This is to notify all the engineers/architects/surveyors working in the Armed Forces/Corporations/Financial institutes/Hydropower Projects/DHI Companies that the CDB Secretariat is in receipt of a complaint regarding the usage of above personnel’s certificates by the contractors for CDB registration and procurement of works.

The CDB Secretariat would therefore like to inform all the engineers/architects/surveyors to refrain from giving their certificates to contractors for CDB registration or procurement of works. As per the Code of Conduct and Ethics for engineers “Engineers shall not accept professional employment outside of their regular work or interest without the knowledge of their employers”. Defaulting individuals will be brought to the notice of their respective agencies for necessary action.

Further, contractors found using human resources employed with other agencies will be dealt as per the CDB Manual 2001, clause 11.2.1 CDB powers, “Disciplinary action may still be necessary against contractors in very limited circumstances”

 1.Fraudulent misrepresentation of any facts required by the Secretariat for registration or classification  purposes or  by a procuring agency during a contract award procedure

 2.Non-compliance with relevant laws and regulations of Bhutan.


All above mentioned agencies are requested to assist by submitting the required list of personnel to be uploaded in the CDB database.

This is issued for strict compliance by all concerned.

 (Director General)

Construction Development Board

13 May 2013