Construction Development Board

Re-Notification on revealing of cost estimate in NITS

Posted on 9th April, 2014


Currently, even though the cost estimate is not revealed in the Notice Inviting Tender, it is somehow known to some contractors, providing undue advantage to them over the others. In addition, not providing the cost estimate, often leads to contractors  quoting  unacceptably low bids and invariably awarding of the work to them; such practice  generally results delay in completion of works in time, defaulting Contracts, and ultimately in very poor-quality works.

Therefore, in the interest of transparency and uniformity, this is to notify that all procuring agencies are to reveal the cost estimate in the Notice Inviting Tender. As per the Procurement Rules and Regulations 2009, clause detailed estimates shall not be disclosed to the bidders. However, the estimated amount may be revealed in the NIT/SBD to facilitate equal opportunity to all the bidders. This is in continuation to Notification No. MoWHS/CDB-2/2012-13/2170 dated 11th April 2013.

This re-notification is issued for strict compliance and to remind that there had been very poor compliance by the procuring agencies.


Construction Development Board.