Construction Development Board

Notification Regarding Display of Sign Board

Posted on 18th April, 2014


A large volume of government construction projects are implemented every year. It has been observed that no information is available to the visitors at the project location during the construction period. In partial modification of the CDB’s earlier notification # MoWHS/CDB-03/2012-13/893 dated 3 December, 2012 and in order to foster a sense of ownership and inculcate quality assurance responsibility in these projects, sign boards displaying the following details are essential:

 Name of the Project

  1. Name of Contractor/construction firm
  2. Name of the Procuring Agency
  3. Site Engineer/Project Engineer
  4. Contract Duration

The informatory signboards containing the above information should be appropriately erected at the construction sites.

In this regard, the Ministry would like to notify all the procuring agencies to incorporate the installation of enduring sign boards as a mandatory requirement in the tender documents.

This is being issued for strict compliance by all procuring agencies.