Construction Development Board

Notification-Work Order & APS

Posted on 16th September, 2014

In continuation to Notification No, MoWHS/CDB-3/2011-2012/ dated 30th November 2011, the CDB Secretariat would like to notify the following:

1. The procuring agency that does not follow the Government Procurement Rules and Regulations or e-tool should share Work Order and Average Performance Scores Forms with CDB or use CiNet to update the information online to avoid awarding of works to contractor beyond their eligible works ceiling and to keep proper record of performing/ non performing construction firms.

2. Every contractor should honestly declare his/her work/s in hand to procuring agency or CDB before being awarded another work to maintain the ceiling of works.

3. Every contractor/consultant should update their existing/valid contact address, key personnel’s and contact number.

The Secretariat will not be responsible for failing to adhere the above notification. This is issued for strict and immediate compliance.

Director General
30th Aug, 2012