Construction Development Board

NOTIFICATION-1 Engineer 2 works

Posted on 16th September, 2014

This is for general information of all the procuring agencies (Works) and Construction firms that subsequent to the “Meet the Contractors forum” held on 5th Feb. 2013 and approval accorded by the 59th CDB Board, the following changes/clarifications are made:

 1. The present E-Tool system of Evaluation allows for one engineer to undertake only one work at a time. Henceforth, an engineer shall be allowed to undertake two works at a time provided the works are for the same construction firm.

 2. As per the Procurement Rule and Regulation-2009, clause, “detailed estimates shall not be disclosed to the bidders”. However, the estimated amount may be revealed in the NIT/SBD to facilitate equal opportunity to all the bidders.


This is issued for implementation by all concerned with immediate effect.

Construction Development Board

12 April 2013