Construction Development Board


Posted on 15th January, 2016

This is to inform that the secretariat had carried out monitoring of office establishment of the registered contractors in Medium and Large Class all over Bhutan and have noticed that many of the contractors have not maintained office establishment, did not have the required human resources/equipments, have not maintained payrolls of the human resources and changed their registered address without the notice of the Secretariat.


The 64th Board meeting of the CDB held on December 10, 2015, has therefore decided on the following actions to be taken:


Deny renewal of the certificates for those firms without the required office establishment, HR and/or Equipments until requirements are completely fulfilled and/or down-grade those firms who do not meet the criteria


Contractors without the offices and those not fulfilling the requirements will be given six months time for setting up the offices, maintaining of the payroll, setting up of the sign board, and maintaining of the filing system. Those contractors who have changed their registered address without notice also have to report the change in the address and contact details within the six months time. The CDB secretariat will be carrying out monitoring of the contractors’ who had not fulfilled the criteria starting July, 2016, and those found not in compliance with the requirements will be downgraded or denied renewals on case by case basis.

This Notification is issued for strict compliance of all the contractors.


Construction Development Board

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