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Posted on 3rd March, 2016

The on-line bid evaluation (e-Tool) system has been instituted in May 2011. Since then, several trainings have been provided to the e-Tool focal persons by the CDB and PPPD (358 users and 800 Plus trained). Of late, user training on the enhanced system has been imparted to 103 focal persons at CST and JNEC. While the system has been instituted for efficiency, transparency and accountability, the input of data by the officials manning the system is of paramount importance. The focal persons need to exercise due diligence and maintain highest ethical standards to ensure fairness.

There has been several complaints vis-a-vis evaluation of bids, major ones being:

a)         manipulation of data input such as project turnover, completed contract figures and
            performance rating;

b)         the focal persons viewing the evaluation process of other agencies   and leaking   

c)         focal persons sharing their user credentials with un-authorized persons.

Assessment of complaints by the CDB proved to be true most of the time and the procuring agencies' justification, invariably is "oversight". "Oversights", whether intentional or otherwise gives an undue advantage to some bidders and deprives opportunities for some other bidders. It also leads to multiple complications such as huge financial implications to the Royal Government.

Owing to such un-ethical practices, the focal persons, will henceforth, have access only to the evaluations done by themselves or their agencies. Audit trail for monitoring purposes are being developed to establish accountability.

Henceforth, all e-Tool focal persons are reminded to exercise due diligence in accurate and timely updating of information on the system. While the system has been put in place to ensure fair and equal access to contracts, data input by the officials forms the basis and is of paramount importance. With increasing justifications of oversight, the concerned officials/focal persons will be held accountable.

Further, you are required to maintain proper documents (APS) and also cross check all information while updating it on the system.

The Departments/Agency Heads should make sure that e-tool focal persons and e-tool services are used throughout the procurement process.

This notification is issued for strict compliance.


(Dorji Choden)

Chairperson, CDB


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