Construction Development Board

Signing of Memorandum of Understanding between CDB and RAA

Posted on 26th June, 2018

With the objective to establish and strengthen cooperation between the parties by setting framework of cooperation for implementing the fixation of accountability and to ensure collaboration in promoting ethics, integrity and accountability in the use of public resources in construction industry and procurement of consultancies, Construction Development Board (CDB) has signed a memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Royal Audit Authority (RAA).

The two parties to this MoU hence forth will ensure equal accountability for both procuring agencies and contractors/consultants in procurement of works and services. 

CDB through monitoring of construction sites came across numerous non-compliance by both contractors and procuring agencies. Further, during arbitration of disputes, CDB came across lapses on part of procuring agencies to the extent of not providing drawing and specification of multi-million projects.

In the interest of moving a step ahead in strving to ensure quality construction and curb unhealthy practices, non-compliance by contractor can be addressed by non-renewal of CDB certificate and non-compliance by procuring agencies addressed by sharing of default information to RAA by CDB.

This framework is aimed to bring all contractors, consultants and procuring agencies on board to resolve any audit issues but not to merely penalize and create bottleheck for contractors/consultants. 

This framework, with clear procedure will come into effect from 1st July, 2018.