Construction Development Board

Notification : Checking of status of Employees & Equipments, Undertaking letter & one month notice f

Posted on 2nd August, 2017


The Construction Development Board is constantly receiving request from the registered firms for checking the status of their employees and equipments. However, CDB would like to inform that with launching of online services (e-zotin) w.e.f. 1st June 2016, all the firms registered with CDB can view such information and your track records after logging into your own profile from the CDB website: www.cdb.gov.bt. Therefore, in the interest of protection of individual firm's privacy and efficient application of online services, henceforth, CDB Secretariat will discontinue providing such information. This is also to remind that non-payment of registration fees for approved online applications within period of "one month" shall result in cancellation of your application.


Further, the standard "Undertaking Letter" for registration of employees in your firm can be downloaded from CDB web site: www.cdb.gov.bt


This is issued for strict compliance by all the registered firms with immediate effect.


(Phub Rinzin)


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