Construction Development Board

Hon'ble Chairperson Launched 3 books during 68th Board Meeting held on 4 April 2018

Posted on 5th April, 2018

During 68th Board meeting held on 4th April 2018,  Hon'ble Chairperson launched 3 books:

1. Registration guideline: The main objectives of the Guidelines are: 

  1. to provide standard procedure that can be easily followed by dealing officers (CDB) and firms applying for the services;

  2. to provide an easy reference on the application procedures and requirements of criteria for registration; 

  3. to provide the use of uniform procedures and criteria; and

  4. to avoid possible irregularities attributed to adhoc/multiple/inconsistent registration.

2. e-Zotin Terms & Condition: The main objectives of the document are:

  1. to ensure fair and transparent registration procedures;

  2. to ensure fair evaluation procedures;

  3. To ensure uniform application of laws, rules, regulations and norms in a fair and just manner;

  4. To foster transparency and accountability in the decision making process;

  5. To share correct/authentic information;

  6. To timely updating of information; and

  7. To maintain proper Audit trials of the system and users.

3. Board Minutes Book: