Construction Development Board


Posted on 1st May, 2018

The Construction Development Board (CDB) has been noticing that many procuring agencies are not updating the ‘work in hand’ information of the contractors on e-Tool and CiNET on time despite numerous notifications issued by the CDB, publication of ‘Terms and Condition for e-Zotin Users 2017’ and awareness created during e-Tool trainings. Such non-compliance will miscalculate the bidder’s bid capacity, similar work experience and their performance scores resulting into unfair bidding process, unethical practices and corruption in some cases. Further, clause 6 (2) (j) of Terms and Condition for e-Zotin Users 2017 explicitly mentions duty of e-Tool Focal Persons for timely updating the work information on e-Tool/CiNET system failure of which may result into legal complications.  

Therefore, all the Procuring Agencies are requested to update the ‘the work in hand’ information of the contractors on e-tool and CiNET system immediately after the award of the work to the winning bidder and subsequently update work completion details right after the payment of final bill to the contractors. The CDB shall not be liable for any discrepancies arising through such lapses and shall be dealt as per the Terms and Conditions of e-Zotin and any other relevant laws.

This is issued for strict compliance by all the procuring agencies and registered firms with immediate effect.


Phub Rinzin


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