Construction Development Board


Posted on 30th September, 2020

The average performance score (APS) rated by the Procuring Agency during the execution and completion of the project is an important parameter to determine the capacity and capability of the contractor to carry out the future tendered works. APS score is weighed 10 points in the evaluation process to select and award the works to best deserving contractor. Therefore, to ensure greater transparency and accountability in rating the performance of the contractors, the 72nd Board Meeting of CDB decided to reform the signing authority of the Average Performance Score (APS) Form. The concern site engineer shall ‘verify and rate’ the APS, Supervising Engineer shall carry out the ‘test check’ which shall be ‘approve’ by the Head of the agency.

You can download the revised APS form from the CDB website

Therefore, all procuring agencies shall update the works information to CDB through E-TOOL and CiNET system in revised APS Form from 1st October 2020. 


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