Construction Development Board

Notification to Procuring agencies regarding replacement of HR & equipment at ongoing sites

Posted on 14th November, 2019

The Construction Development Board (CDB) has been observing that replacement of Key Technical personnel or equipment, as allowed by the GCC clause 10.1 of the Standard Bidding Document of Works above Nu. 5 million (SBD), is prevalent in all the construction projects.  However, many of the replaced key personnel or equipment are not updated in the e-TOOL system, this leads to mis-match of committed resources in e-TOOL system and at the project site.


Therefore, CDB notifies all the Procuring agencies to inform CDB regarding any replacement of committed personnel or equipment during the execution of works to facilitate in updating the information in the CDB system. The update shall be done by CDB System Administrator upon receive of replacement letter from the concern agency.


CDB shall monitor ongoing work’s committed personnel and equipment using information derived from the CDB system.


As highlighted in the GCC clause 10.1 of SBD, the Project Managers are reminded to approve replacement of the key personnel only if their relevant qualification and abilities are substantially equal or better that those committed during the time of evaluation.    


Issued for strict compliance by procuring agencies. 






(Phub Rinzin)

  Director, Construction Development Board